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Atlanta Child PhotographerAtlanta Child PhotographerAtlanta photographer Amanda Myers shares an old favorite of her first daughter, taken at Hilton Head Island beach in 2011.

This is an old favorite of mine.  I was looking through hard drives like a crazy woman, trying to locate any sort of decent baby photo of my oldest daughter.  Her preschool graduation is coming up and they're creating a slideshow with recent and baby photos of the kids.   I knew I loved this photo, but wasn't exactly sure I could find it.  It was taken in May 2011, only a few months after I bought my first camera, but well before I started my business and knew anything about archiving and organizing photos.  

I went through so many old pictures and it was a lot of fun, but most were taken with an old point & shoot camera (with flash too (GASP)) and I just couldn't bring myself to even attempt re-editing those, especially knowing that this one was out there somewhere.  

But then...I found it.  Oh, and I loved it so much, even though it was a far cry from this finished image.  (Did I mention it was originally edited prior to when I knew what the term "white balance" was.  (GASP again!))

Well, even though it was in a jpg format, I found the original file and gave it a little 2015 zsoozshuing.  And...I kinda love it.  


Atlanta children's photographer Amanda Myers is based in Duluth, GA and is mostly an on-location, natural light photographer.  She specializes in all forms of family portrait photography, including maternity, newborn, babies, children, and high school senior photos.  For more information, click around here, visit her personal blog here, and feel free to drop her a line  Thank you for reading!  


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