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September 01, 2015  •  2 Comments

It's that time again!  On the first of every month, a group of family photojournalism photographers publish our monthly blog circle.  This month's theme is based on the Bob Marley lyric: "Sun is shining, Weather is sweet... Make you wanna move your dancing feet." 

I really should listen to more reggae music.  We honeymooned in Jamaica almost 10 years ago and all they played was reggae. It made me so happy.  

Anyway, this theme is perfect timing for me, because I've been feeling a bit sentimental lately as summer comes to a close.  TOMORROW is the first day of school for all three of my kids!  (I can't wait, really!)  But I have been desperate to jam-pack as much summer fun as I could into our last few weeks.  A couple Friday nights ago, we headed out to Suwanee Town Center.  I picked up Riverside Pizza (drive-thru pizza = brilliant!) and we enjoyed a little pizza picnic overlooking the green space.  Then, off to the fountains, then Yogli Mogli for create-your-own frozen yogurt dessert.  We were gonna leave at that point, but AJ actually poured the melted yogurt all over himself, so back to the fountains to rinse off.  We had a blast.  Stayed out too late.  Paid for it dearly the next few days with over-tired kids.   But in looking at the pictures from that night, I have to smile.  

I have a ton more pizza pictures, but I've had to come to grips with the fact that nobody else wants to see photos of my kids eating.  But me.  So, here's just one.  And I love that it depicts my boy before the Great Haircut.  He looks so different now! Yup, I'm that mom.  I first take the picture and then tell the kid to STOP DOING THAT as soon as I have the shot.  I guess the poor kid was thirsty.  And that is so gross.  

So, I forgot the swim diaper on the kitchen counter.  Poor kid is not only thirsty, but weighed down by a gigantic swollen diaper that his swim trunks (do people still call them trunks?) don't even fit over.  Yeah.  

I posted this one to social media a couple weeks ago, because I'm kinda obsessed with long exposure photos.  I love this one and they actually ran around with that truck for quite awhile.  And fought over it for awhile too.  

Off to Yogli Mogli for dessert.  I actually took two very quick, frantic shots inside.  I love the colors and shapes and decor - definitely worth taking photos inside, but I felt completely insecure - it was pretty packed and I didn't want people looking at the crazy camera lady.  But yes, AJ was only in a diaper (a fresh one).  I got a lot of stares and smiles at that.  

Strawberry with sprinkles.  The girls picked it out for him.   Just by where we ate pizza, across from the Mellow Mushroom actually, there's a cool old upright piano that's been painted and is there for anyone to play.  My kids BEGGED me to play it all night, but it was mostly occupied by other amateur players.  A lot of chopsticks.  Suwanee does such a cool job of infusing the community with art. Gotta love it.   "Mommy, can we run around on the grass?"  They did, and played freeze tag.  Every picture of them crawling under legs to unfreeze their sibling just looked a bit too weird to post though.   And some more fountains to rinse off.  We rarely ever take our kids out during the late afternoon/evening.  They go to bed around 7pm, so I never get those amazing sunset shots that make me jealous of my friends (who either have older kids or can tolerate whiny, tired kids more gracefully than I can.)  But tonight was a special night and I took full advantage.  Please forgive the gratuitous sunflare shots.  I just had to.   And for the finale, my girl Kins.  Her favorite thing is plugging her nose, running and leaping through the fountains, especially the BIG one in the middle. That one was fairly crowded so we settled for a smaller one.  

I hope you've enjoyed my pictures for the September Personal Family Photojournalism Blog Circle.  Now click the link here to head on over to Jessica Pajimula of Samarie-Lei Photography to see how she documented this month's theme: Katy Houston Texas Family Documentary-style Photographer.  And if you click all the way around the circle, you'll see Marie Masse of Fearless & Framed who is guest blogging for us this month! Marie is widely respected for her talent and offers mentoring for photographers looking to pursue documentary-style family photography.  

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I myself am a big fan of the gratuitous sunflare shots! Love your perspective, the light, the movement!
Incredible, love them all and your town sounds like a really cool place to live
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