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Thank you so much for visiting my website. Be sure to visit my Facebook page and Instagram account too, for my most recent session photos.  (I tend to get busy with sessions during the Spring and Fall, and update my portfolios every winter.)  You can also visit my blog here, as well as my more personal blog site, where I share a bit more than just my photos.  


I also started a 365 Project (one photo a day) that I share on my personal instagram account.  They're not always my favorite or even good photos, but I'm held accountable to at least post one photo a day, even if it's the only one I took! 

I'm a Duluth, Georgia-based photographer, and I most enjoy taking photos of families and their children.  I typically work in Duluth, Suwanee, Johns Creek, and Sugar Hill areas, but may have availability to travel outside the North Gwinnett County area.  


I've always been fascinated with old family photos; I'm lucky enough to have boxes and albums full of them.  My parents and other family members always proudly displayed beautiful gallery walls of photographs. Now studies are showing that children that grow up in a home filled with photos, not only of themselves, but also other family members, have higher self-esteem and feel more connected to their family history.  


I want that for your family too.  


I've been taking photos since 2011, and am so blessed to have found a way to spread a little love and joy to others. Knowing that the photos I take will be displayed in your home and cherished for years to come is such an honor. One that I do not take lightly.  


I'm an on-location, natural & available light photographer.  This means that I do not use a studio, as you'll see from my work. I most enjoy lifestyle and documentary-style family photography, and typically shoot in my client's homes, in addition to your local favorite places.  This could include a local park, library, ice cream shop, or even your local grocery store - wherever you spend time with your family can be transformed into a beautiful backdrop for capturing authentic moments and expressions.   For children's portraits and high school senior photography, I may recommend a local park or other beautiful outdoor location.   I like to have a lot of space when I shoot, so a wide open field or a long, straight road is just about perfect for me.   I used to shoot traditional family portraits this way, but more and more, I'm finding my clients leaning toward documentary-style, family storytelling; a photojournalistic approach where there is no posing and no camera-aware shots.  Your family is captured naturally, in their own element, with my focus on making pictures of emotion, connection and genuine expression.  Not fake and forced "cheese" smiles.   If you're a parent of a toddler, you might appreciate this approach.  


Also included in the photojournalism style are non-traditional newborn sessions, including birth photography, "fresh 48" hospital sessions, and newborn homecoming sessions.  Here again, the focus is to tell the story from the perspective of a fly on the wall.  

(Please note, that as of March 2015, I no longer offer traditional posed newborn portraits.  I have given away all of my props, beanbag and backdrop stand. After 4 years of doing posed newborns, I found that I fell in love with hospital newborn sessions and in-home documentary-style sessions, and no longer wish to pose a baby in an unnatural and contrived way.  I believe these photos will be more meaningful to your family down the road, and most certainly to your child, so that they can see how life looked in the days right after they were born.  If you are looking for posed newborn portraits, please let me know and I'm happy to recommend a reputable, local photographer.  Do be certain to ask questions about the training and education of the newborn photographer you choose.  Many poses are composite images that are stitched together in Photoshop, such as the "face in hands" or "froggie pose" which should never be attempted without the baby held safely. Babies must always have three points to contact with a parent to ensure safety. (Source: Julia Kelleher.)) 

While my photography is my absolute passion, I also have obligations to my own family, which limit my availability for sessions.   I have two beautiful little princesses and one amazing, wild and rambunctious, but completely sweet little guy.  They're my first priority.  My favorite thing to do is spend time with my wonderful husband, but he luckily gives me more time and more grace than I deserve to pursue my photography.  I typically work after the kids are in bed, until my eyes are totally shot.   

Despite my crazy hours, I adore my clients and am so honored by their trust in me, that I have never missed a deadline.  I spend all Fall staying up til 2am and getting up at 4am, just to manage my workload.  But I love every second of it.  I strive to provide you with the highest quality photographs- I put my heart and soul into my work.  I am my own worst critic.  I want your photos to be perfect, for you.  For your children, and their children.  And for me.  Because I can't be any other way.   I give you my word that I will do whatever it takes to provide you an exceptional experience from start to finish.  


All of my sessions are carefully thought out and planned for in advance.  I require a pre-session consultation for most types of sessions, so that I can learn more about what your vision is for the photos, and ultimately how you would like to display them.   I offer prints and wall art, albums, and other photographic products from my pro lab, Millers.  I have taken great pains in ensuring that my monitor and editing software is calibrated to their exact specifications, so that your photographs look perfect when you receive them.  (For more information about my products and pricing, click here.)


Who is my ideal client?  


My ideal client loves their kids.  She loves to laugh.  She has a sense of history and gravity.  

She wants her kids to really know her.  Even the messy parts.  Because those are important too.  

My ideal client appreciates the time and effort that goes into custom photography.

She realizes that life is indeed too short.  She realizes that hard drives fail and CD's get lost or broken.  

​My ideal client is willing to let me try things that ultimately fail.  But sometimes they really work- and when it works, it's beautiful.  

My ideal client isn't quite sure she's photogenic, but would really like to be.  She'd love a photo of herself that she just loves, and can look at and see herself as beautiful.  The way she really is.  

My ideal client wants to remember.  

She is deeply aware that what we pass on to our children is the greatest gift we give this world.


What about you?  What's your vision?  Your passion?  What makes you smile and warms your heart?  Who do you love?  

Call me, let's figure out how to freeze that forever.  




Oh yeah, my cell is 404-838-8997.  I get a lot of weird calls, so feel free to text me first and introduce yourself.   Would love to speak with you.  


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