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Snap Suwanee Photo Submission

December 30, 2015  •  1 Comment

Well, I did it...I submitted five of my favorite photos taken this year in Suwanee, GA to the Snap Suwanee photo contest.  It was tough to narrow down my selection, as I would guess that at least half of all of my pictures were taken somewhere in Suwanee.  Wish me luck and hope you enjoy!  

best photographers in gwinnett countybest photographers in gwinnett countyJars of Flowers taken at the Suwanee Farmer's Market at Suwanee Town Center this past September at sunrise. A vendor sells gorgeous floral arrangements to local residents. Jars of Flowers~ Taken September 4th at the Suwanee Farmer's Market, probably around 8:15am, just as the sun lifted up over the Town Center skyline.  I love all the fresh foods available - it's an awesome market, but one of my favorite booths is the gorgeous flower arrangements. These would brighten anyone's day, and would make a lovely gift idea too.   childrens photographers in suwanee gachildrens photographers in suwanee gaLeap through the Fountains taken by Gwinnett County photographer Amanda Myers, of her daughter plugging her nose and jumping through the fountains at Suwanee Town Center this past summer. Suwanee City Hall is featured in the background. Leap Through the Fountains ~ Taken August 21st at the Suwanee Town Center fountains in front of City Hall.  I felt as though summer was waning and wanted to take the kids out for a fun night.  Three of my submissions were from that night, actually. I posted all of the photos from that night in an earlier blog post here.  I love how Kinsley plugs her nose as she jumps through the water- this is a classic summer portrait of my middle child.   best photographers in suwanee gabest photographers in suwanee gaLet's Play by Suwanee photographer Amanda Myers, depicts her three children playing a beautifully painted public piano at Suwanee Town Center. Taken this past summer after the kids played in the fountains, near sunset. Let's Play ~ Taken August 21st at the beautifully painted public piano located near the fountains at Suwanee Town Center.  Every time we go to Town Center, my kids beg to play the piano.  My son here, in a diaper, and my girls are still wet from running through the fountains earlier.   photographers in suwanee ga cranecreekphotographyphotographers in suwanee ga cranecreekphotographyCan I have a bite? Taken by Gwinnett County photographer Amanda Myers, showing her three children enjoying Yogli Mogli frozen yogurt at Suwanee Town Center after playing in the fountains this past summer. Can I have a bite? ~ Also, of course, taken on August 21st.  We love to stop at Yogli Mogli for create-your-own froyo desserts!  The kids love to try each other's creations too.  I originally did this one as a B&W in my original edit, but I felt that for the contest, I needed to keep it in color and highlight the beautiful summer sunset.   photographers in suwanee gasuwanee greenway photographersFoggy December Sunrise by Suwanee photographer Amanda Myers. Taken on a rare warm, but very foggy December morning on the Suwanee Greenway off of George Pierce Park. Foggy December Morning ~ Taken December 11th, 2015.  When you're a photographer/stay-at-home-mom and you wake up on a lazy Saturday morning to thick fog, what do you do?  You run back upstairs and beg your husband to watch the kids so that you can go out and shoot.  I took a lot of fun photos that morning on the Suwanee Greenway, just off George Pierce Park.  This one I liked best, as it shows the amazing golden glow caused by the sun rising through the dense fog.  

Hope you enjoyed these and wish me luck :)


Love all of your photos! Good luck my friend!
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