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August 05, 2015  •  2 Comments

Back in June, I did a huge family shoot for my best friend - including her mom and dad, her two sisters and their families.  It was awesome.  So much fun.  I agreed to do individual portraits of the kids and several combinations of group shots and then I could have fun and work on my photojournalism.  (I'm still finishing up those shots - there were so many I wanted to keep and edit, and I take forever to edit!)  I will say this, the photojournalism approach is so so so much harder than traditional family portraiture.  I have to work really hard because I don't have the luxury of moving and posing my subjects.  I have to move and capture them authentically - and to do that well, I need to move...a LOT.  Especially when they're moving, a LOT, as in this beach session.  In going through the gallery and uploading newly edited shots often, I keep smiling when I see these black and white portraits of these kids.  Siblings and cousins.  I'm just really happy with how these turned out.  Going more documentary-style with my family photography doesn't mean I would give up taking portraits.  Even the great Kirsten Lewis, pioneer of family photojournalism, takes the first 15 minutes of her 1 hour family sessions to do portraits.  And, then the fun really begins....

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These are great, great, photos. Not sure how much I care for the one with no eyeballs, but I am sure that is a classic :). Great photos.
The photo of Mikey with Charlie off to the right if my absolute favorite!
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