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Bedtime | Family Photojournalism Blog Circle | Atlanta Photographer

August 01, 2015  •  3 Comments

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After the post regarding my social media sabbatical, I received so many encouraging comments and emails from people I've never even met.  It was truly a blessing.  One of these lovely people started a Personal Photojournalism Blog Circle group and invited me to be a part of it.  I'm so excited and honored to join together with such talented photographers, documenting our family's every day lives.  Together, we'll embrace the mess and clutter, dirty windows and ugly, peeling, circa-1992 wallpaper.  We take pictures to remember our children and our lives as they truly are.  

After perusing through my story, I hope you'll check out the rest of my friends' pictures - we're each linking to one other photographer's blog post, so that we form a perty little circle. This month, I'm circling over to Christine Hurla Photography of Overland Park, KS. If you're feeling ambitious, there are nine photographers participating in this month's circle.  

The theme for August is "Bedtime: The Day is Done, They say Goodnight, and Somebody Turns off the Light...." based on the popular children's book, "The Going to Bed Book" by Sandra Boynton.   This book is especially dear to me, as it was a gift for my first-born from my husband's brother and his wife.  When they came down from Baltimore to visit us after she was born, their son (who was 6 at the time) "read" it to my baby daughter.  I was so astounded and impressed.  But then his mama let me know that she had been reading that book to him since he was a baby. He knew it by heart. son, whose love language is destroying books, has torn the book to pieces.  (You'll see it featured in one of the pictures.)  

I hope you enjoy these and please follow the circle by visiting my friend Christine's blog post by clicking here: Overland Park Documentary Family Photographer


The sun has set, not long ago

Now everybody goes down below

atlanta family photographersup the stairs | family photojournalism | atlanta photographer


To take a bath in one big tub

atlanta documentary-style family photographersatlanta family photojournalism


atlanta lifestyle photographerschildren's photography


With soap all over

family photojournalism photographersfamily photography


Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

family photojournalism photographersfamily photography


atlanta photographerstoes in a bathtub lifestyle photography

They hang their towels on the wall

family photojournalismatlanta family photographers


And find pajamas, big and small

family photojournalismatlanta family photographers


With some on top and some beneath

atlanta family photographersdocumentary-style family photography


They brush and brush and brush their teeth

atlanta family photographersdocumentary-style family photography

​And when the moon is on the rise, 

They all go up to exercise. atlanta family photographersdocumentary-style photographers And down once more, but not so fast

They're on their way to bed at last

atlanta family photographersfamily lifestyle photography

The day is done, they say goodnight

And somebody turns out the light.  

atlanta photographeratlanta documentary-style family photography

The moon is high, the sea is deep

They rock and rock and rock to sleep.

suwanee family photographernight photography

Thank you for spending the evening with us!  

Now, hop on over to Christine Hurla Photography's post: Overland Park Documentary Family Photographer

Hi, I'm Amanda and I love taking pictures.  While I recently gave up the majority of the business side of my photography to spend more time with my family, I would still love to speak with you if you're interested in documentary-style family photography.  My absolutely favorite times to capture a family is in the hospital after a new baby is born, also called a Fresh 48 Session, or to welcome home a new family member, also called a Newborn Homecoming Session.  I'm available for Day in the Life Sessions, where I document your family's real life in an honest but hopefully beautiful way.  Documentary-style maternity sessions are also available, and Senior Life Sessions are a fantastic way to remember your high school senior's last year at home.  Though not traditional portraiture, I hope you'll learn to see what I see:  That your everyday real life is worth remembering.  Even that horrific, embarrassing wallpaper!  


What wallpaper!!?? I love that one of your husband carrying a kid. Treasure that!
Tiffany Roberson(non-registered)
I just love how children's books can bring back so many glad that this one means so much to you...the photos are gorgeous (as usual) and truly tell the story. Well done! :)
You're wallpaper completely disappears in the beauty of your photos. I honestly didn't even glance at it even after you mention it a bajillion times. So beautiful!
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