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Clickaway | Photography Conference in Amelia Island, FL

March 03, 2018  •  2 Comments


I had the very BEST time at my first Clickaway conference a couple weeks ago.  I'm just now getting around to the images taken that weekend. I met so many amazing people.  I was incredibly inspired.  And I learned so much.  

And I'm participating in a blog circle with a few other Clickawayers, so be sure to go 'round our circle to see what everyone else was up to!  I'm linking to Amy Cyphers of The Wild Child Photography and while I'm super sad I didn't get to meet her in person, I heard from several friends that her video session was their favorite! Stay with me and hop over to Amy, link down at the bottom of this post...


This year's Clickaway was held at the Omni Amelia Island Resort in Florida, on the East Coast, just South of Savannah and Hilton Head.  

I drove down by myself (my choice, I actually love alone time in the car!) on Thursday.  While I made decent time, I did get in a bit later than I had hoped.  I wanted to arrive around 4pm, check in, take a shower and look half-way presentable.  Well...I ended up arriving around 6pm and honestly did not have the energy to shower and get ready.  (Mind you that I hadn't showered that morning, because I believed I would that evening...) 

I messaged a few friends and we met up for dinner (along with EVERYONE ELSE) at Falcon's Nest, one of the restaurants on the resort.  It was so fun to meet people in person that I've only known via Instagram!  I had dinner that night with Divya Wolf, Susan Grimes and Maggie Fuller.  We had a ball- it was as if we've all known each other forever.  The restaurant was filled with so many familiar faces, it was wild!  As per usual, I made an utter fool of myself when meeting people.  Maybe it was because I felt like I already knew them...and they knew me?  I don't know, but it sure made for a hilarious insta-livestream Saturday night with my girl Rebecca.  More on that later...

On the way back to the hotel, I realized I had not yet gotten anything for my 365 project (you can see all of them on my personal instagram account) and so I snapped these.  



Then, we met up with Nicole Houser (Nicole Kristin on Insta) and her room smelled like dog!

I went to bed that evening at a decent hour (much unlike the next two nights) super excited for what the next day would bring.  

On Friday, I was up bright and early, so early, in fact, that I went to the hotel fitness center around 6am.  As I was finishing up, Kellie Bieser did her thang on the treadmill (which explains how she stays so trim while baking all those sweet treats you see her post!) 

I headed to Publix afterwards to pick up essentials: Half & Half, a toothbrush for Divya and a candle for Kristin. 

Around 10:30 or so, I headed down to the conference to check-in.  Talk about sensory overload!  The beautiful people, the Voice Gallery beautiful images, all of the wonderful things to explore!  (I should mention that I did indeed decide to shower before this point, so I was half-way presentable.

I sat with a rockstar line-up of ladies for our Keynote Speaker, Ruthie Lindsay (who's just completely fabulous, I just loved her!)  Gosh, let's see if I can remember the gals from dinner the night before, Shelby Zavala, Janel Payton and Tara Herron (who I didn't recognize, because I swore from her pictures on Insta that she was 6 feet tall... I mean, I pictured her like Heidi Klum with blonder hair and a Southern accent.  Nope - she's a petite thing, but super sweet and hopefully forgiving of my ridiculous intro to her!) And of course, Shelby (who I met in the elevator shortly after check-in) is completely fabulous.  

After the keynote, I went to the lunch and sat with ClickinMoms founder, Kendra Okalita, CEO Sarah Wilkerson, @Camera_Mama founder Rebecca Franson, Divya Wolf and KC Crow - a friend I met a few months back when she was in Atlanta from Orange County, CA after winning the NAPCP award for Best Family & Child Photographer!  Kendra described how ClickinMoms started...this is so crazy y'all... So, Kendra and a friend sold children's clothing on ebay, and obviously they had to post pictures.  Their pictures were pretty good, which translated into better sales.  She started a forum for other moms who sold clothing on ebay, and offered tips for success.  But the number one question she got was "How can I take better pictures?" So the forum morphed guessed it, ClickinMoms.  Crazy, huh?  Soon after, the Nicole Kidman-esque Sarah Wilkerson joined the team and the rest is, as they say, history.  Or herstory.  (BTW, people are SO intimidated by Sarah, but she's completely sweet - that is exactly how I'd describe her, super sweet!) Oh, and Rebecca and I become fast friends and go galavanting around town later on... Love her!

I rented a lensbaby for the day and wanted to try it out at my afternoon beach session with Kansas Pitts. (I also rented a nikon 85 1.8 and loved it!)  

I haven't yet gotten around to editing all of the session photos from this one, but here's a few landscapes taken with the lensbaby.  I had trouble focusing when I was shooting the family, but I do like how cool and dreamy these turned out... (this was after the sun went down.)



(to be much more to add!)


Hey, thanks for checking out my Clickaway post!  Now, circle around to see what my photographer friends were up to this past month.  First up is Amy Cyphers, one of the Clickaway boutique session instructors.  She is part of the team at The Wild Child Photography along with Kim Bear, where they photograph and create family films.  They're also passionate about teaching, and offer workshops to teach moms how to use their cameras better, they teach kids photography, and also offer a 4-week online workshop via ClickinMoms called Life in Motion, which teaches photographers like me how to use my camera to record video and create family films for clients.  Cool, eh?  Pop over and see Amy's take on Clickaway: Family Photography and Video in Holton, KS


best family photographers in gwinnett countybest photographers in gwinnett county Amanda Myers of Crane Creek Photography is a published, featured, and award-winning photographer based in NE Atlanta.  She's one of the few photographers in Gwinnett County, Georgia that blends her love of documentary-style family photography with beautiful lifestyle portraits.  Her very favorite thing to shoot in the world is Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions in the hospital, but she also loves everything family -from capturing the expectant joy of maternity photography, the first days of a baby's life in Newborn Homecoming Sessions, the beauty of everyday chaos in Family Day-in-the-Life Sessions, on-location child and teen portrait sessions, all the way up to Senior Life sessions, which document the fleeting days that your high school senior will spend with your family, their friends, in their own space.  Amanda is an on-location photographer, serving areas of NE Atlanta, including Suwanee, Duluth, Johns Creek, Sugar Hill, Buford, Lawrenceville, and Norcross.  She is an event photographer for the City of Duluth and a six-time Snap Suwanee photo contest winner, with her photographs displayed in City Hall.  Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions are available at most metro-Atlanta hospitals.  For more information about Amanda, click here.  For pricing information, visit our pricing page.  Click here to contact Amanda directly.  Thank you so much for stopping by!


Ashley McBroom(non-registered)
Amanda, I love the dreamy lens baby photos! I just got an edge 50 for Christmas and it is so tricky to get the hang of but I need to give landscapes a shot. Clickaway was so much fun, I wish I could have met you during the conference weekend!
Anna Rasmussen(non-registered)
I so wish I could have come! It sounds so amazing!
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