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Happy Paddy's Day | Family Photography in Gwinnett County

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Hello there!  

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I wanted to share a favorite from March - I cannot believe the month is almost over.  I am doing a 365 Project this year and it seems that the months just fly. 

While there is a lot that I'd change about this picture (aren't we all our harshest critics?) it quickly became one of my most loved on images on Instagram.  It was featured all over and won the Beyond the Wanderlust Daily Fan Favorite.  

This year (like every year) I am striving to get in the frame more.  It's hard, y'all!  I'm a kinda fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda gal, but self-portraits do take a bit of forethought and planning.  You give up control because you don't even know if you're hitting focus.  (In fact, I did several more self-portraits this month and missed focus on most of them! Ugh!)  

Well, the idea for this image sprang up in my local Target, when I saw this adorable pajama set - totally me!  For some reason, although I don't believe we have a hint of Irish in us, our family goes ALL OUT for Paddy's Day.  I always have, I don't know why, but it seems the most fun to celebrate.  We already had some socks and I picked up some glittery shamrocks and the leprechaun hat from Hobby Lobby.  I envisioned the kids jumping on the bed all crazy and me with my coffee.  

When it came time to give it a whirl, the husband happened to be home.  And I knew this would be a really tough shot to pull off.  So...I handed the camera over to him and he (very) grudgingly snapped a few photos.  

He literally was like "This is so dumb, please tell me you won't share this anywhere." To which I was like, "uh, duh, it's totally going on Insta if it's even remotely cute!" 

Oh!  And I had just gotten glasses for the first time since 6th grade (!!!) and wanted to show them off!  I kinda love 'em.  I wore contacts forever and then got lasik back in 2005, but old age has gotten to me, and it was finally time to get spectacles. 

So there ya go, my March fave...

You can follow my 365 Project - a random assortment of images I shoot on a daily basis.  I occasionally post to my business Insta too.  

Last, but certainly not least, I'm participating again in this month's ONE Blog Circle group - a group of talented photographers from all over the world, all of whom I've met through Instagram.  This month, I'm linking over to an amazing photographer who I've followed for awhile now, Monica Cutraro. Her images are like a work of art and this month is no exception.  Be sure to click over to her post:  Spring Photography Sessions in Katy, TX by Houston photographer Monica Cutraro.  Monica is an Argentina-born attorney turned photographer living the dream in the great state of Texas!

Be sure to follow the circle around by clicking the links at the bottom of every post.  And share the love!  Leave a little comment so that my friends know you stopped by.  

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best family photographers in gwinnett countybest photographers in gwinnett county Amanda Myers of Crane Creek Photography is a published, featured, and award-winning photographer based in NE Atlanta.  She's one of the few photographers in Gwinnett County, Georgia that blends her love of documentary-style family photography with beautiful lifestyle portraits.  Her very favorite thing to shoot in the world is Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions in the hospital, but she also loves everything family -from capturing the expectant joy of maternity photography, the first days of a baby's life in Newborn Homecoming Sessions, the beauty of everyday chaos in Family Day-in-the-Life Sessions, on-location child and teen portrait sessions, all the way up to Senior Life sessions, which document the fleeting days that your high school senior will spend with your family, their friends, in their own space.  Amanda is an on-location photographer, serving areas of NE Atlanta, including Suwanee, Duluth, Johns Creek, Sugar Hill, Buford, Lawrenceville, and Norcross.  She is an event photographer for the City of Duluth and a six-time Snap Suwanee photo contest winner, with her photographs displayed in City Hall.  Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions are available at most metro-Atlanta hospitals.  For more information about Amanda, click here.  For pricing information, visit our pricing page.  Click here to contact Amanda directly.  Thank you so much for stopping by!


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