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Newborn Photography Information


Whether you're expecting your very first baby, or your fourth, there's nothing ordinary about growing a baby!  Or, perhaps you're a new Grandma or Aunt wondering if you can give the special mama in your life the gift of photography?  I can assure you that a photo session will be the best gift you can give your loved one and her family.  

I want to make this as easy as possible on you.  

I've divided up the process in order in a FAQ format.  

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a holler.  


Newborn Photography | General Questions

Why should I invest in a newborn photography session?

What does the process look like?

Do I come to your studio?  Do you do in-home newborn sessions?

Are there safety concerns I need to worry about? 

When is the best time to book a session?

How old does the baby need to be?

What types of newborn sessions do you offer? 


Booking your Newborn Photography Session 

How do I book a newborn session with you?

When do I book a newborn session?  

When is the best time to book a maternity session?

What if my baby arrives early? 

What is your pricing for newborn sessions?

Do I need to sign any contracts?  

What is the payment schedule? 


Pricing & Payments | Newborn Photography

How much do newborn photos cost?

What products (albums, prints, canvas wraps) do you offer?

What is the payment schedule? 

Why does custom photography cost so much?

Why does newborn photography cost so much?

Do you offer gift certificates? 

Do you offer discounts or mini-sessions? 

What methods of payment do you accept?

Do you offer a Grow with Me Baby Plan?

Planning for your Newborn Session

What is a pre-session consultation and why is it important?

Traditional Portraits - The Night Before

Traditional Portrait - The Day Of

Traditional Portraits - Selecting the Space


Pre-Session Consultation

What can I expect during a pre-session consultation?

Can we do it over the phone?

What are the benefits of a pre-session consultation?

Maternity Photo Sessions


When's the best time to do maternity pictures?

How do I book a maternity photo shoot?

What can I expect during a shoot?

Can me kids join me in my maternity photos?

Styles of Maternity Photography


Newborn Photo Sessions | What to Expect

What do you bring?

What is the role of mom/dad during the session?

How long do sessions last? 

What if my baby doesn't sleep or cooperate?

What safety precautions do you take?

How many pictures do you take?

How many set-ups/outfits changes do you allow?


After the Session

Do I get to see and pick my favorites for you to edit?

May I edit my own photos?

Will you give me raw files?

What is your process for backing up and archiving photos?

What is your editing process?  

How long before I can see my pictures? 

Will you post a sneak peek?

Do I get an online gallery?

How and when do I order my photography products?

What if I my baby didn't cooperate or I don't like the photos? 

What is a "Reveal & Ordering Session?" 

What is the time frame for ordering photos? 

When are final payments due? 


Reveal & Ordering Session


What can I expect during the Reveal & Ordering Session?

What if I need more time/can't make up my mind?

What if I don't like the photos?

What if don't want to order the minimum amount? 

What if I want to order more than we had originally budgeted? 

How do you do digital files?

What photography products do you offer? 


Social Media Guidelines

What if I don't want you to post to social media?

Can I approve which photos you can post beforehand?

What social media outlets do you use?

Do you tag me/my family?

Can I post my photos online?