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Hi, Amanda here.

I know custom photography isn't cheap, but consider this: Photos of your children and family will only increase in value; it's an investment that is guaranteed to grow over time.  How valuable are your old family photos?  How valuable will these photos be to your children someday?   


2 Hour Session - Minimum Investment is $800

4 Hour Session - Minimum Investment is $1200


Upon booking, a 50% retainer fee is due.  ($400 for 2 Hour Sessions or $600 for 4 Hour Sessions.) The remaining minimum balance is due at least 24 hours prior to your session start time, after we've confirmed all of the details and all legal forms have been reviewed and approved. You will receive invoices via email and may pay by credit card or paypal.  

You may choose how you would like to allocate your investment, using the pricing guide below.  


Outdoor sessions are to be scheduled at 2-2.5 hours prior to sunset to provide the greatest variety for your gallery and take advantage of the most beautiful, flattering light. Depending on the location, I will shoot 5-30 minutes after sunset to close out the session.  Indoor sessions may be scheduled at any time. (See FAQ below.)

$400 - 2 Hour Session - Photographer's time+talent for two hours at a location of your choosing.

                                       Preview Gallery will contain 20 fully retouched images.    

                                       (Only includes session booking, preparation, shooting time, and editing.  No digital files or products are included.)


$600 - 4 Hour Session - Photographer's time+talent for four hours at up to two locations of your    


                                       Preview Gallery will contain 40 fully retouched images.  

                                      (Only includes session booking, preparation, shooting time, and editing. No digital files or products are included.)


After your session, I will choose my top photographs to edit (20 or 40.)  I carefully hand-edit each image, which takes anywhere from 45 minutes to a couple hours for a complex photograph.  I typically only edit 1-3 images per day, because I want my eyes to be fresh in order to provide you the best possible result.  I also will take one last hard-look at the entire gallery before I present it, and will typically work a couple more hours to perfect anything I didn't notice the first time around.  Your gallery will include ONLY my top 20 or 40 edited images.  


Photography Products

Digital Files

$100                              Purchase 1 Photograph (Two JPEG files are included: 1 Full Resolution for Printing + 1 Web Resolution.)

$200                              Purchase a 5-pack of Photos (Includes both Full Resolution and Web Resolution JPEG files) 

$300                              Purchase a 10-pack of Photos (Includes both Full Resolution and Web Resolution JPEG files)

$400                              Purchase ALL edited photos in your Preview Gallery (Full Resolution and Web Resolution files)

*Please note that JPEG files listed above are available for download from my website.  Please see below for information about custom DVD's and USB's to preserve your digital files.  


$500                             Add a Custom-designed DVD + Keepsake Case for storage to any of the above digital order.                                       

$150                             Add a Custom Wood or Acrylic USB drive + Keepsake Box for storage of your files to any digital order.  

(Why the price difference between the DVD & USB?  Because DVD's will become a thing of the past and are already becoming obsolete.  For me to burn a DVD for you requires me to use a very, very old computer that doesn't work well and can no longer connect to the internet.  So, it's quite time-consuming for me, so I much prefer the ease of burning onto a USB.)


(DVD or USB will arrive with your digital files already burned onto the disk/drive plus any videos or slideshows you've purchased.)


$200                           Add a custom-designed video slideshow set to the music of your choosing.                                                            

                                   (This includes Video Birth Announcements. These are provided in .mp4 format for download or may be burned to a custom USB/DVD.)


Professional Prints

                                   Please note that any print for which you've already purchased a digital file for will receive a 20% discount. 

$30                                  Any size print up to 8x12 (This includes a sheet of wallets.) 

$45                                  Print sizes 10x13 and 11x14

$55                                  Print sizes 16x20 and 16x24

$70                                  20x24 Print

$85                                  20x30 Print



                                 Please note that Millers has an extraordinary variety of different albums to meet your any need.  If you don't see what you had in mind, please browse Millers' albums and I can give you a custom quote for the album you select.  

Starting at $400           Millers Layflat Albums

Starting at $550           Millers Signature Albums

$150                              My BEST SELLING and insanely popular Accordion Mini-Albums (A set of three- keep one, give away two!) 



Starting at $125 for a set of 25 cards + envelopes.  I have a huge selection of card designs to choose from, from newborn birth announcements, graduation announcements, holiday cards, birthday or milestone cards, etc.  I can also custom design a card for you based on how you'd love your card to look.  


Wall Art

Starting at $350           Modern Fine Art Metal Prints 

Starting at $350           Modern Fine Art Acrylic Prints

Starting at $350           Canvas Gallery Wraps - starting at size 11x14 


Custom Photography Products

$200                              Custom Wood Photo Box including 50 prints or 10 mounted prints

Request quote            Wild assortment of stuff to put photos on


Don't see what you're looking for?  Please ask!  I'm happy to provide a custom proposal and quote for any opportunity.  



Pricing FAQs

Q:  What goes into the pricing for your photography services?

A:   That's a great question!  Many people not familiar with modern photography techniques might be under the impression that all a photographer does is click a button, upload the pictures, maybe add some filters, then upload them for a client.  All of that wouldn't really take too much time (or possibly any skill, right?) I admit that in my early days, I used pre-set filters (called actions or literally, presets) and did not know much else.  In the 7 years I've spent as a professional photographer, I've taken hundreds of hours of coursework to improve my shooting and editing techniques.  I edit in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.  One single photo takes me anywhere from 45 - 90 minutes to edit.  I have tried to "batch" edit to make it go more quickly, but the reason my pictures look the way they do is because of my intricate, hand-editing process.  I refuse to sacrifice what could be an amazing picture with a little time, for just a good picture.  I take a painstaking approach to each and every picture I work on; I even open each picture again at least a week later to carefully inspect anything I may have missed before delivering a client gallery.

(While I haven't updated this blog in a bit, here's a string of Before/Afters where you can see the difference good editing can make in a photograph.  I hope to update this soon, as I believe I've improved even more from when I was better about posting these!) 

In addition to preparing for our session, spending at least two hours with your family, culling through hundreds of shots to narrow down to my best (this takes several hours), and editing each picture to perfection - this takes a tremendous amount of time.  Now - it's time I enjoy every second of - I love nothing more than shooting and editing pictures, it's my favorite thing!  But as a wife, mom, and business owner (among other hats I wear) I cannot spend 30 hours on your session and only offer to do that for $200.  

In addition, I've spent countless hours (and dollars) on continuing education and improving my skills.  I hope that this time and effort reflects in the quality of my photographs.  

Q:  Do you have any special certifications or credentials?

A:  I am a published and award-winning photographer.  In 2016, four of my photographs were selected to be displayed in the Suwanee City Hall as Snap Suwanee winners.  There were 13 photographs showcased as Snap Suwanee winners in 2016.

UPDATE: April 2017 - In 2017, two of my photographs were Snap Suwanee winners and are displayed in the Suwanee City Hall.  One of my pictures won the Judge's Choice for Best in Show.  Nine photographs were Snap Suwanee winners in 2017.

I am an official City of Duluth events photographer.  

My work has been used in many print publications and magazines, including all marketing material for the City of Suwanee.  

I've been featured several dozens of times on popular children's photography hubs.  

Q:  Do you offer mini-sessions?

A:  No, I'm sorry.  While I have offered mini-sessions in the past, I found that they just don't fit with my personal style, which is to learn and observe the relationships and connections between family members, and the personalities of children, so that I can anticipate and capture authentic moments.  I simply cannot do that in 20 minutes.  I also found that because I spend so much time editing my photos after the session, I cannot offer an affordable option for a mini-session.  My style is best suited for a small number of clients for whom I spend valuable time giving an exceptional service, rather than dozens of clients that I churn as quickly as possible.  

Q: Do you offer discounts or specials? 

A:  I do offer maternity sessions at a 50% discount when a newborn session is booked.  I have donated several sessions to charity auctions over the years and plan to continue to support the community in that manner.  I have also given sessions to families with extraordinary circumstances when I've felt led to do that.  I will be honest that my very, very favorite session to shoot is a Fresh 48 Newborn session, in the hospital.  During off-season times, I am willing to work with families requesting this type of session, because I honestly just enjoy them so much, I can't help it.  

Q: My kids have dinner/go to bed/are cranky during the last 2-2.5 hours prior to sunset.  Can we schedule an outdoor session during the middle of the day?

Let's chat about it.  I'd be willing to work with you to schedule an early morning outdoor session and it really depends on the time of year that we're looking at.  When DST ends (beginning of November) is a great time for a Fall session that can be started much earlier.  If sunset after DST is around 5:30pm, we'd get started around 3:30pm.  In July, we'd want to get started around 7pm for a 9pm sunset!  

Would I ever schedule a session at 1pm?  Nope.  Not for a paying client.  I can get a few cool shots at that time of day, but not the variety that is up to my standard.  By starting out at about 2 hours prior to sunset, I take photos in full sun, open shade, at sunset (best pictures!) and portraits are done just after the sun has set. I'm confident that I can provide you with a wonderfully diverse and beautiful gallery. 

If that time of day is a no-go for your family, please consider an indoor session.  Honestly, these are some of my very favorite sessions - think about your favorite pictures of your childhood... How fun to remember what your house looked like, that crazy green carpet and is that a phone???  Your children will be grateful that they have pictures of their childhood home.  Your house doesn't have to be a model home or even all that clean.  From taking pictures inside my ugly house for years, I've figured out a few tricks to minimize the ugly and mess and maximize the beauty in the everyday (that you probably are so used to that you don't even notice!)  

And to your point about the kids being cranky?  I hear ya.  But I do not pose or direct.  I will not ask them to do anything besides PLAY and be their glorious selves.  If a child isn't starting out too overtired, hungry or under the weather, he will probably be happy as a clam as long as he's allowed to play and do his own thing.  (Tip: Kids are usually cranky at a photo session because their parents are stressed out and trying to get them to sit still, look at the camera and smile.  I don't even bother with that!) Will he be tired the next day or two?  Maybe...but hopefully the pictures are well worth it!


Q:  Can you refer me to other local photographers if you're booked or out of my price range?

A:  Yes!!  And I would love to!  I have amazing photographer friends all around Gwinnett County and the City of Atlanta, as well as many around the country.  (When I have time, I do intend to list a directory here on my site of other local photographers I recommend.  There is a lot of talent in this area, and I'd be happy to refer you to one of my talented friends.)