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Nothing strikes fear and panic in this mama's heart like getting the Preschool Graduation Photo Deadline letter from Ms. Deb.  Anyone else?  It means I have to rifle through a handful of old hard drives trying to find THE perfect baby photo.  It also means that I need to take an updated portrait of my kids suitable for the slideshow.  Even though I take a lot of pictures of my kids, I don't necessarily take "slideshow-worthy" portraits all that often.  

This year I have two kids graduating.  I have a daughter in Young 5's and a daughter in the 4's class.  Last year when my oldest was in 4's, I was asked by several parents to take updated pictures for graduation and also to take a look at their old baby photo to see if I could improve it with some editing.  

Please note that the school's designated photographer will be at school on March 29th.  This is in no way an attempt to step on any toes, but merely offer y'all a way to get an updated picture and/or improve your selected baby photo.  

In Deb's letter, she requested the photos to be emailed to her by March 18th.  

With all this said, I'm giving parents of kids in my daughter's classes a special offer for either a new portrait or retouching of an old baby photo.  

If you've worked with me before or wander around and look at my session pricing, this is a significant discount to my traditional pricing, and that's because I understand how stressful this process can be.  

(If reading this on a mobile device, please turn it to landscape orientation/horizontal, or else these next parts look a bit weird!  Thanks!)

Old Baby Photo Retouching

$35       Retouching of one old baby photo to the best of my ability.  Includes white balance adjustment, exposure and color adjustment, distraction removal, and anything else that I can do to make the photo as perfect as I can.  Photos must be emailed or dropboxed to me by Sunday, March 13th in the largest possible resolution.  ( Do not compress the photo with your email program.  JPEG files are most common, but I can accept any image file format.  If I determine that I cannot improve the photo because the flaws are outside the bounds of what can be improved upon to make the photo worthy of being shown at graduation, I will let you know immediately.  I will send you an invoice and will start editing when payment is complete.  Within 3 days of my receiving payment, I will send you a gallery invitation to view your final image.  Upon your approval, the photo will be available for download from your gallery in three formats: *Screen Resolution for the Graduation Slideshow; Web Resolution for sharing on social media; Full Print Resolution.  Please note that I will not work on any photos that have been taken by a professional photographer, due to my respect of their copyright, unless the photographer signs a copyright release allowing me to edit their photo.  

Here's a few I did last year: 

child photography in gwinnett countyBefore




baby photographers in gwinnett countybaby photographers in gwinnett county




















photographers in gwinnettbaby photography in gwinnett county





photographers in suwaneebaby photographers in suwanee



















The second photo was difficult to work on, because it was such a small file, less than 1 MB.  I typically work on files that are about 25 MB.  But you can see that I made a nice improvement on it, even though I didn't have a whole lot of pixels to work with.  

Click here for more Before/After photos (my own photos.)  

Graduation Portrait Mini-Mini Session

$50       Dates TBD - If there is enough interest (I would want at least 4 participants) I will find a date where most or all participants can meet with me at Sims Lake Park in Suwanee, between the hours of 4-6pm.  (Why this time?  The lighting is most ideal for a portrait, as during the last hour or so before sunset, the light is warm, soft and golden.  This is my preference for portraits.)  Session goal will be to achieve two outstanding photographs from which to choose for your graduation portrait.  I will attempt to get a headshot and a full-length shot to choose from, but will ultimately choose the two best shots from the session.  I imagine each session will only last about 5 minutes and will schedule them 10 minutes apart.  I may get my shots within one minute- once I have two outstanding shots, we'll be good to go.  I will only take photos of the graduate- no siblings or parents may be in the pictures**, as this doubles (or more) my editing time on the picture and the goal is only to achieve two great portraits for the slideshow.  After your session, go play on the playground with your classmates or hit up Chick-fil-a for a fun dinner!  You will receive a gallery invitation to view your two photos by Wednesday, March 16th.  Upon your approval, you will be able to download the images in three formats: Screen Resolution for the Graduation Slideshow; Web Resolution for social media sharing; Full Print Resolution for ordering prints.  

For your reference, here's a photo taken during a recent session to promote awareness for children born with Congenital Heart Defects, called The Paper Heart Project.  This was taken in the exact spot for this mini-mini session (a field at Sims Lake Park) at the same time the session will be held, between 4-6pm for optimal light.  (I'm a sucker for beautiful golden, sunset light!) To view more photos from that session, including ones where the sun went down (we got started a bit late, maybe around 5:30pm, click here: Child Photography in Suwanee | The Paper Heart Project.  

best child photographers in gwinnett countybest child photographers in gwinnett county


Old Baby Photo Retouch + Mini Mini Session 

$75       A discount for purchasing both the retouching service and the mini-mini session.  


Got questions?  Email me at or text/call me at 404-838-8997.  

While I'm not able to keep my website as updated as I'd like you can follow along with me on Facebook, my business Instagram account, and my personal Instagram feed where I share my 365 Project photos.  


*From last year, I learned the resolution and dimensions of the sanctuary's projection tv's and will resize your image accordingly for the best results.  

**If you'd like a family session or a more in-depth session with your children, please view my pricing page for my details, and I'd love to set that up for you.